UGREEN Velcro Cable Organizer – 16 feet – Black


  • Tidy cable order
  • Reusable cable ties
  • Can be cut to size cable tie roll
  • Strong Velcro adhesion
  • Versatile

UGREEN Velcro Cable Organizer is a godsend. With the amount of clutter on every desk increasing with new devices joining everyday. This is a must have for those who like to keep their desks and setups shiny and tide.

  • Tidy cable order: Ugreen reusable Velcro strap is very practical for cable management. With this Velcro strap, you can easily fix the cable, wires, pipes, hoses, etc. to avoid curling, loops and knots.
  • Reusable cable ties: the connection can be detached as desired and resealed. You can tie the cable together neatly after use.
  • Can be cut to size cable tie roll: you can easily cut the desired length. It is ideal for keeping coiled cables of a variety of lengths and sizes. And the cut edges stay clean and do not dissolve.
  • Strong Velcro adhesion: with high-quality hook material on one side and loop material on the other, the Velcro strap can permanently attach the cable. Even after opening several times, no adhesion loss has occurred.
  • Versatile: You can use this cable manager in the office, household, workshop, music studio, desk, TV or camping.

Velcro strap Ugreen Velcro cable ties reusable cable manager 20 mm wide black.

Clean and orderly:
Say goodbye to tangled cables in your home and office. The cable tie helps you to organise your cables, your home looks clean and tidy.

Simply cut the lengths:
Ugreen Velcro Velcro tape roll is 0.78 inch wide, and three different length for choice. You can easily cut the exact use.

Box contents:
Ugreen Velcro Cable Ties X1


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